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Helping Building a Trusted Gateway for Business in Africa

January - July, 2019
Kakehashi Africa

Kakekashi Africa is a non-profit organization by African students in Japan, to build bridges between businesses on the second largest continent in the world and, at the time of this writing, the fourth-largest economy of the world. In my role as knowledge manager, I sought to codify and share tacit knowledge in the organization. The first step was to create branding guidelines bid to improve and retain consistency in how the organization interacts with its stakeholders.

A heavily compressed version of the entire document can be found as a PDF here.

the logo

I had some involvement with the organization a year earlier, when a friend (Marilet Sanders) and I worked on the current logo. To be fair, it was mostly her. It is a modified interpretation of its predecessor than fits into more modern sensibilities.

The green represents earth, nature, refreshment, youth, healing, fertility, good luck, hope, success, and generosity. The single red dot represents Japan, and can be directly attributed to the red circle of the Japanese flag.

I proceeded to build off this into a more substantial document.

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